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Information Sessions - Fall 2024 to be announced.

Fellowships 101: Introduction to External Funding for Graduate School

Fellowships allow you to receive a salary and tuition, set your own research agenda, earn prestige and develop career networks. In this session we’ll cover the basics, including where to search for funding and what goes into a successful application. Learn about opportunities to work in national and international labs. External funding is not just for US citizens! We’ll discuss options for international students as well. 

You may view a recording of the Fall 2023 information session HERE.  

email Betty for more information

Information Session:  Students interested in the NSF GRFP, which provides 3 years of tuition and salary to graduate students in 30 STEM disciplines, are encouraged to attend this introduction to the program. We discussed the benefits, eligibility, and the selection criteria for strong candidates. We will also offer an overview of our successful BOOTCAMP program.  (Attendance is not mandatory to participate in the Bootcamp.)  The fall 2024 information session will be announced soon.  Each year, Rensselaer students successfully earn this award. U.S. citizenship or permanent residency required. 

Summer Bootcamp: 1st and 2nd year graduate students (Fall 2024) and rising seniors are encouraged to register for this proven 5 week virtual program (no classes required) to develop strong applications to the NSF GRFP. This asynchronous online virtual program of self-paced activities is designed to develop strong application statements. The program begins June 24th.  Register here.


The fall 2024 information session will be announced soon.

Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation Scholarship Program: The Department of Defense SMART program offers a generous stipend, tuition, and the opportunity to work in DoD laboratories doing work in your field/discipline during summers and post graduation. Guaranteed work in your field after graduation. (United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or United Kingdom citizens are eligible)

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship:  The NDSEG provides 3 years of stipend and tuition for PhD students that are doing work in areas that meet specific needs of the military as indicated in Broad Agency Announcements. This session will discuss eligibility, benefits, and approaches to creating a strong application. (United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or United Kingdom citizens are eligible)


Graduate students and rising seniors applying to competitive fellowships are invited to participate in this weeklong intensive which requires in person participation each morning and dedicated writing time each afternoon or evening to craft effective research and personal statements for a specific fellowship program of your choice. 2023 participants highly recommend!

In person June 10 – June 14, 9am – noon (limited space available)

An alternate self-paced virtual writing workshop will be available July 1 – 26 

Register Here

Fulbright is a U.S. State Dept. program that offers U.S citizens with a bachelor’s degree grants to engage with others in ~140 countries in multiple ways:

Research Study/Awards Design your own projects, affiliate with, or take classes at an academic or research institution. Many students do thesis or dissertation research abroad. Special grants are available in the arts, journal and communications, business, STEM, and public health advocates. Consider the Fulbright- National Geographic Storytelling Fellowship.

Teach English Abroad Spend a year teaching English at the elementary, high school, or post-secondary school level.

Earn a Graduate Degree Below is a sample of the many opportunities available:


Masters in Creative Industrial Design OR Energy Engineering in Taiwan

Masters in many fields in Israel

Architecture study in Milano Italy

PhD in: cancer, neurologic and psychiatric disorders, population health, biomaterials and

regenerative medicine, or vascular biology in Ireland


Students seeking to travel during the 2025- 2026 academic year should expect to complete the required RPI application process in August of 2024. Contact your Fulbright Advisor for details by spring of 2024. Email 

Fall 2024 Information Session to be announced soon.

The Office of Graduate Education helps students find and compete for external fellowships and grants. Workshops that introduce the funding search process and target specific awards are offered on an ongoing basis. One-on-one writing consultations are available to support students in crafting clear, concise, and compelling proposals.

Application Advising

Individual consultations for selecting and applying to fellowships are available by email and Webex. The office is part of a national fellowship advisor support network that can provide information and support for application to most programs. Additionally we will review and provide feedback of your application personal and research statements via email;

Always discuss your research proposal with your advisor before seeking additional feedback.

Additional writing assistance is available at the Center for Global Communication+Design.

Application Writing Resources

This slide presentation is an interactive self-paced workshop designed to assist you in planning and editing strong application statements for external funding programs. Use the lower right arrow button to advance through the slides. Use the home button to return to the main menu at any time.

There are a number of brief exercises embedded in the presentation. Please take your time to think carefully about your responses to each question. The entire presentation can take 30-90 minutes depending on the effort you put into the exercises. You may skip sections, jump around, or complete sections in different sittings. The first two sections are relevant to BOTH personal statements and research statements. The last three slides may be printed as a checklist.

For personal assistance please email your statement, your questions, or a request for a Webex meeting to Applications that are sent at least one week before the due date will receive feedback in a timely fashion. 

Writing For Applications Self Paced Workshop

LEADERSHIP LAB: The Craft of Writing Effectively All graduate students and post-docs can improve their writing for publication and grant/fellowship applications. This presentation by Larry McEnerny, Director of the University of Chicago’s Writing Program, is highly recommended.

Writing in the Sciences Stanford University (free self-paced online course) This course covers everything from sentence-level issues like wordiness and verb choice to formatting a manuscript and communicating science to a non-technical audience. It is highly recommended by graduate students and faculty alike.

Writing Resources and Publications: Improve your writing with these guides and books recommended by the National Association of Fellowship Advisors. Many are available through the RPI library or can be purchased online.

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