Graduate Student Relief Fund

The Graduate Student Relief Fund, established in Summer 2020, helps RPI graduate students who demonstrate financial hardship that threatens their academic progress. The fund is intended to provide a one-time grant to matriculated graduate students in immediate financial need. Allowable disbursements include, but are not limited to:

  • travel expenses related to emergency situation (such as a death in the family)
  • emergency medical or dental bills not covered by insurance
  • replacement costs of essential academic supplies (not covered by financial aid) or personal items (possibly as a result of a fire, destruction, or natural disaster, not lost due to negligence)
  • basic living expenses, including transportation, food, rent, or utilities
  • safety related needs

The fund will NOT provide support for non-emergency items such as:

  • costs included in the budgeted cost of attendance, such as tuition and fees
  • study abroad costs
  • non-essential academic or personal travel
  • insurance fees
  • costs associated with criminal or civil court cases
  • expenses that are extravagant or non-utilitarian

The Student Success portfolio administers the Graduate Student Relief Fund. Applications are reviewed by a committee of members from across campus who work with graduate students.

To request the Graduate Student Relief Fund application, please e-mail Colleen Smith, dean of the graduate student experience. Dean Smith will follow up with unique link to application. 

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