Application Process


The Co-Terminal Application includes a 4th and 5th year planner and a Graduate Plan of Study, which outline the remainder of undergraduate study and 2 semesters of graduate study (up to 3 for the MBA program). These documents are an integral part of the application review process and provide a means to determine if you are making progress on your undergraduate degree and are ready to succeed as a graduate student. The graduate plan of study will need to be completed, signed and uploaded to Slate for review with all other required documents.

At a minimum, applicants must have at least 90 credits toward their undergraduate degree (101 for B. Arch students). This may include Advanced Placement credits, transfer credits, and courses in progress.  The minimum GPA required to apply is a 3.0. Please note: Some departments have higher GPA requirements. Please review your specific program of interest for more information.

Note: All Co-Terminal students are required to attend academic orientation held at the beginning of their admit term (January for spring admits and August for fall admits).

Specific Application Components

  • Per the Rensselaer catalog, graduate students should take no more than 16 graduate credits per semester; adhere to this rule as closely as possible when taking undergraduate and graduate courses concurrently. Co-Terminal students should take no more than 16 credits when mixing undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • The planner and transcript must match (i.e., course titles, course numbers, term, and credit amount).

Download the 4th and 5th Year Planner (PDF)

A tool to plan the schedule of your graduate degree program in its entirety.

Download the Graduate Plan of Study tool (PDF)

Attach your Degree Works Report and ensure that it shows that you are on track to satisfy your BS degree requirements. The total number of credits remaining to fulfill your BS requirements must be reflected on your 4th and 5th Year Planner or otherwise accounted for on the Degree Works Report.

Complete the Co-Terminal Application in Slate and have all signatures added where required.

Application Process

Ensure you are on track to complete your undergraduate course requirements within 8 semesters and your planned graduate coursework in up to an additional 2 semesters.

  • Upon completion of all undergraduate requirements, you must apply to graduate with your BS degree. You will graduate and then continue the program as a graduate student until graduate degree completion.

See Requirements by Program for contact information.

Review Financial Aid information and contact the Office of Financial Aid with any questions about your RPI funding.

Be sure your application includes all required documents and signatures. 

  • If written justification is needed for your admission, the Graduate Program Director should include it in a separate memo with your completed application.

Apply Now

Follow up with the department regarding the status of your application and any changes that may need to be made to your application.

Office of Graduate Education approves the application, and the application is forwarded to the Office of Graduate Admissions. You will receive an official acceptance letter from the Office of Graduate Admissions. 

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