Top 5 Reasons for Graduate Study at Rensselaer

1. Research opportunities – Rensselaer received approximately $77 million in research awards in 2009, enabling innovative research and financial aid awards in the forms of fellowships, scholarships, and teaching and research assistantships.

2. Interdisciplinary focus – Rensselaer students cross boundaries and break ground on new areas of study. Examples include ecological economics, bioinformatics, and web science.

3. Inventor support – The potential for innovation and invention exists at all levels and in all programs at Rensselaer. The Institute is poised to support students in commercial endeavors through its Office of Technology Commercialization, Incubator Program, and Technology Park.

4. Location – Rensselaer’s Troy campus is located in the heart of New York's Tech Valley, one of the country's fastest-growing regions for technology-focused businesses. There is a renaissance under way at Rensselaer. You can look out any window and see impressive signs of growth and progress - an $80 million biotechnology center, $92 million East Campus Athletic Village (ECAV), and $200 million Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center. Rensselaer and its people are clearly on the move.

5. National Rankings – Rensselaer is consistently ranked as a top school at the graduate and undergraduate levels, notably in the fields of engineering, multimedia and visual communication, and business. Top rankings mean name recognition, a key element of success when seeking a job post graduation.

Join a Prestigious Community of Scholars

As a Rensselaer graduate student you will become part of a prestigious community of scholars. Whether inventing e-mail or building bridges, our graduates have shaped the technological, cultural, and societal platforms of the world. Our programs are designed for those select individuals who have the vision and desire to change the world. What will you do?

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