Education for Working Professionals

Education for Working Professionals (EWP) is one of Rensselaer's core enterprises and encompasses a range of programs designed specifically for current and future workforce leaders with a range of high-end, customized, degree, certificate, and professional development programs.

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Information Technology: Troy NY

IT at Rensselaer presents a unique opportunity for students to combine a mastery of Information Age technologies with an academic discipline of their choice.

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  • Information Technology

Lally School of Management & Technology: Troy NY

Rensselaer’s Lally School is focused on developing aspiring business leaders who have a passion for technology with the ability to work across business functions. Our programs are built around the themes of innovation and technology entrepreneurship in the global economy.

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  • Lally School of Management & Technology

The School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS)

HASS is composed of five academic departments--Arts; Cognitive Science; Economics; Language, Literature, and Communication (LL&C); and Science and Technology Studies (STS)-each of which brings together the breadth and depth of scholarly expertise needed to create innovative educational programs and pursue interdisciplinary research.

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Professional Degree Programs

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a recent college graduate seeking to enhance your opportunities, Rensselaer’s Professional Degree Programs can get you where you want to be, when you want to be there. Program content flows from the heart of Rensselaer's research strengths and unique academic programs. Rensselaer is dedicated to providing an interactive learning environment for students who are seeking high level knowledge while they hone their analytical capabilities and leadership skills and enhance their innovative thinking. 

Master's Degree Programs

Master’s Programs provide students with a solid professional and business education to advance their career development. The curricula are matched with the needs of industry and Rensselaer faculty who are national and international leaders in their fields are dedicated to providing students with skills to lead innovation and gain a competitive advantage in their field.